Photography is not just a passion for me, but it is a lifestyle. I started capturing images at a very young age. To my parents, it was me playing with a disposable camera. When really it was me developing and slowly understanding the art better. 

I decided to pursue photography as my degree at Columbia College in Chicago. There I learned studio lighting, digital editing, printing, and darkroom dynamics. I was able to fill in the gaps that I did not yet know. From there, I moved to Louisville, Kentucky where I assisted an editorial photographer named Clay Cook. 

For a whole year, I was able to dive into the fashion realm of Louisville, including working events and assisting on photoshoots for Time, Forbes, The Voice, and many more publications. Being surrounded by a fashion saturated community made me realize my drive for creative portraiture. 

Currently, I am working out of Chicago, capturing images with a twist. I always find elements to make any image stand out from the rest. Interested in working together? Feel free to contact me! I am a team player and always love working together to create the best work possible.